Odin, Ecstasy, Runes, & Norse Magic by Diana Paxson

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Odin is a mysterious and fascinating figure in Norse mythology. Odin, the greatest of the gods, is the deity of language, knowledge, runes, and magic. He is a trickster who teaches truth. He is the Lord of Ravens, the All-Father, and the rune master. The first book about Odin that is both historically based and appealing to a wide readership. His effect on current culture, such as Tolkien's Lord of the Rings trilogy, is explored. Each chapter includes rituals, activities, and music to help readers understand and connect with this complex deity. With her extensive knowledge of Viking-era mythology, author Diana Paxson paints a thorough image of Odin, providing context, resources, and advice for anyone inspired to work with the Master of Ecstasy today. Paperback, photos and illustrations.

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