Morgan Celtic Goddess of Magick & Might by Courtney Weber

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The Morrigan is one of the most famous - and infamous - goddesses of Pagan Ireland. The Morrigan, whose name translates as "phantom queen" or "great queen," is a goddess of battle, witchcraft, and death, as well as protection and punishment. Her patronage of parenting, healing, shapeshifting, and the earth is also explored in this book. The Morrigan, who is classified as a Sidhe (fairy), goes back at least to the Iron Age in Ireland, yet she is as modern as she is old, with a rising contemporary and worldwide following. Courtney Weber's book offers a handbook for the contemporary devotee of this complicated, fascinating goddess, combining practical reverence with modern devotionals and intertwining ancient legend and Irish-Celtic history. A soft cover book measuring 6" x 9" and including 240 pages.

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