Encyclopedia of Norse & Germanic Folklore, Mythology & Magic by Claude Lecouteux

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A thorough reference to the many deities, magical beings, mythical places, and ancient customs of Europe's Norse and Germanic regions • Explores the legends and origins of well-known gods and figures such as Odin, Thor, Krampus, and the Valkyries, as well as a wide range of magical beings such as the Elf King, the Lorelei, the Perchten, dwarves, trolls, and giants The stories of Europe's Norse and Germanic regions - from Germany and Austria to Scandinavia and England - include a wide variety of mythological people and locations, from Odin and Thor to berserkers and Valhalla, as well as the Valkyries and Krampus. Claude Lecouteux delves into the origins, links, and stories of numerous Norse and Germanic gods, goddesses, magical creatures, rituals, folk traditions, and mythological locales in this encyclopedia.

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