Herb Remedies for Beginners by Sandra Kynes

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This remarkable book provides over 200 herbal remedy recipes that anybody may use, even if they've never dealt with plants before. Sandra Kynes demonstrates how to make herbal treatments for anything from the flu to kidney stones with things you probably already have in your home. Herbal Treatments for Beginners is smartly arranged and cross-referenced, allowing you to seek for remedies by condition or herb, making it simple to discover what you need. You'll learn how to prepare the cures as well as a range of application techniques ranging from teas and oils to balms and gels. This is the ideal beginner's guide to natural wellbeing, with everything from a basil and lemongrass salve to soothe bug bites to a ginger and turmeric syrup to alleviate motion sickness. Paperback book, 5.2 x 8 inches, 312 pages.

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