Crystal Protection from 5G by Barbara Newerla

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Our contemporary environment is surrounded by electromagnetic fields from appliances, TVs, computers, through Wi-Fi and 4G and 5G cellular networks. As the Digital Age advances, we must be mindful of our daily growing exposure and the hidden implications it may have on ourselves and other living species. Barbara Newerla outlines electromagnetic pollution, including the possible implications of 5G technology, and how nature and people are impacted on various levels. She discusses what crystals can do to protect us, what they can't do, and how to utilize them properly, dispelling numerous myths about them. She also provides a list of 35 healing crystals that might assist support our bodies and thoughts while we are suffering electromagnetic stress. This short but useful book can help you cope with the specific pressures of our digitally advanced environment. 80 page 4.5" x 6.5" paperback book.

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