Astral Travel for Beginners by Richard Webster

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With the aid of this helpful manual, what you've done millions of times in your sleep may now become a completely aware experience. You'll quickly learn to leave your body and confidently explore the astral world. The first astral travel experience is usually the most difficult to achieve, and no one approach will work for everyone. As a result, the methods in this book are meticulously graded to take you through a real out-of-body experience step by step. And with fifteen tried-and-true techniques to select from, you'll be astral travelling in no time. The freedom you'll experience once you learn to leave your body will change your life. Discover new worlds... Learn to travel with a companion... move back and forth in time... even find a mate... Most significantly, you will eliminate your dread of death as you realize you are a spiritual being apart from your physical body.

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