Spiritualism & Clairvoyance Beginners by Elizabeth Owens

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Basic Clairvoyance & Spiritualism Clairvoyance is the capacity to “see” things with your mind rather than your eyes. A clairvoyant's visions might be of spirits or scenery. This inspiring handbook reveals that anybody may develop clairvoyance with patience and practice. Elizabeth Owens, a prominent author and spiritualist medium, teaches easy strategies for developing clairvoyant talents at your own speed. Elizabeth gives first-person descriptions of clairvoyant encounters she and six other Spiritualist mediums have had in their own lives. Meditation, memory building, visualization, and symbol interpretation are all included in this book's progressive learning approach. The workbook style allows you to record your own experiences. Using clairvoyance may enrich your everyday life, help you grasp new or challenging circumstances, and help you understand your spiritual nature. English | 192 pgs | 5 x 8

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