Meditations for Psychic Development by Chanda Parkinson

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With this book of simple meditations, you can awaken your sixth sense and convert your natural gifts into trusted partners. These psychically charged exercises can assist you in clearing your chakras, communicating with former incarnations, meeting your spiritual guide, and much more. Chanda Parkinson, a psychic intuitive, introduces the fundamentals and then leads you in identifying the abilities in which you shine. Investigate meditations for increasing your energy flow, enhancing the lives of others around you, solving difficulties, and keeping harmful influences at bay. Learn how to read auras, understand psychic messages, utilize psychic equipment, and connect with nature. You'll get heightened awareness and a better knowledge of yourself and everyone in your life as a result of these meditations. A 208-page paperback book measuring 5.2" x 7.9" in size.

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