Intuition & Chakras, Increase Psychic Developement by Lesley Phillips

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This extraordinary book makes it simple to get intuitive advice anytime you choose, to be confident in your answers to life's important issues, and to follow your inner knowledge to happiness and success. Lesley Phillips demonstrates how to use basic energy practices to establish your own unique profile of psychic talents. You may increase self-awareness, disclose your inner truth, heal on various levels, and create your best reality by combining your subtle body and intuition. Intuition and Chakras lays the groundwork for you to develop both your chakras and your intuitive senses in a safe and efficient manner. Lesley's work with clients has produced a plethora of remarkable tales. Investigate each chakra and the flow of intuitive knowledge via it. This book, which includes simple exercises and meditations, can help you overcome obstacles, convert your intuition into a useful tool, and live a purpose-filled life. A 288-page paperback book measuring 6" x 8.9" in size.

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