Flat of Mixed Stones - 24 pieces

Bulk Polished Tumbled Stones

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Flat of 24 mixed stones. Each is a clean specimen from the earth. This set is an excellent choice for getting started with gems and minerals for learning or for energy work. 3/4" - 1 1/4".


Chalcedony, Blue Lace Agate, Crazy Lace Agate, Emerald, Carnelian, Garnet, Nephrite Jade, Botswana Agate, Milky Quartz, Jet, Cat's Eye Natural, Yellow Opal, Ametrine, Prehnite, Rutilated Quartz, Aventurine, Smoky Quartz, Angelite, Pyrite, Red Jasper, Hematoid Quartz, Aquamarine, Malachite, Rainbow Moonstone w/ Black Tourmaline


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