Living Lunarly (hc) by Kiki Ely

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As you follow the lunar cycle, you'll make monthly objectives, experiment with plant care, crystals, and meditation, and discover new emotional strength by connecting with nature. Never before has the concept of checking in with oneself thoughtfully and cultivating "whole body" health, health that is more than just the absence of sickness, been so alluring. This book explains how reflection, ritual, and love may assist you in living a more spiritually fulfilled life. Following the book through the moons of the year will give you a natural feeling of the energies and qualities of each season and phase of the moon, as well as which rituals and practices most strongly connect with you. As you adopt these techniques into your daily routine, you'll find yourself moving in better harmony with natural cycles and benefitting from a stronger connection to the world around you. A 208-page hardcover book measuring 6" x 7.95".

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