1. Wash your home using ammonia, it will eliminate the evil spirit and hag spirits which are usually caused a jinx or hex.
2. You need 6 white votive candles and 1 black stick candle.
3. Mix pinch of Cinnamon, pinch of Rosemary, and pinch of Black Pepper. Place the mix in a fireproof bowl with a smoldering charcoal round.
4. Place the 6 white candles in a circle.
5. Get into the circle of white candles with your spiritual herbs and the black candle.
6. Light the 6 white candles (use matches, not a lighter!) and light the black stick candle, using the flame from a white candle.
7. Meditate to release you from this hex, this harmful jinx and to pass you by. Close your eyes and focus on how they get away from you.
8. After you have meditated, say these words out loud:
"Whatever evil comes to me, I cast you back, I have no fear. With the speed of wind and dark of night. May all of your harboring take flight. With the swiftness of the sea. And all the power in me. As I will, so mote it be."
9. In a really loud voice say:
"I cast you out"
and blow the black candle out as hard as you can.
10. You may sit and saying "I cast you out" until the white candles burn out by themselves or get up and blow out the white candles.
11. Light the sage stick and walk through your home, making sure to saturate the white ceremonial sage's smoke in every room, surround your body and hands in the sage's smoke.
12. After the black candle and the charcoal and spiritual herbs and the white ceremonial sage smudge have cooled and you are sure all fire is extinguished, place these ingredients in a white cloth.
13. Tie them together and bury the white cloth in the backyard.
Also, always light a protection candle, evil hates the light, to keep a jinx or hex away.
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